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IW SGC LAPD Shaft of LegendTales


Raising The Golden Retriever of cats since 1996. Located in Gilbert, Arizona. TICA registered cattery.

About Us

LegendTales Cattery is a family run, hobby cattery located in Gilbert, Arizona. We began showing cats in TICA in the late 1980's. After years of success with the Pixie-Bob breed, we decided that we wanted to experience colors (the Pixie-Bobs only come in Brown Tabby). We love the red, silver and dilute colors and that is our focus in the Maine Coon breed. We love their engaging and interactive personalities and were quite surprised to find that they are more energetic than the Pixie-Bobs. They are very much an interactive family cat that wants to be involved in all of the household activities. Our kittens are raised in our very busy house with children, a Golden Retriever, birds and whatever else shows up! They love to travel and make great traveling companions. They are happiest with their family members!

We take the health our of cats (and kittens) very seriously.

All breeding cats are tested for the known health problems (such as HCM) within the Maine Coon breed.

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IW SGC LAPD Shaft of LegendTales

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