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Available Cats & Kittens

This is where you will find information about the kittens & adult cats looking for new homes here at LegendTales Maine Coons. 

Please note that we are now in Arizona. We have an amazing courier (Pedigree Express Transport) that can hand carry and deliver kittens to any airport in the US. We  can deliver kittens to California and occasionally Washington. We also love to have people pick up their kittens at our home by appointment.

Past and current kittens

We have Kittens!!! On 3/8/23 Snickerdoodle and Muddy welcomed their beautiful litter of 6!!
The first step to bringing home your new kitten is to complete our application. This will help us to assess if we will have a good match for your family. Our kittens are raised and loved in our home and we get very attached to them so we want to make sure that both you and the kitty will be happy together. Families that are more open as far as color/gender/age will generally have availability much sooner than those with specifics. Once we have a kitten that we believe will be a good match for you, you will be invited to our home to meet your new kitten. We've been doing this for 30 years so we are pretty good at kitty/human matchmaking! You are always welcome to pass and wait for the next litter. We offer lifetime support and really appreciate updates and pictures to see our kittens grow.
LegendTales Snickerdoodle and Averil's Muddy Waters welcomed 6 kittens on March 8th 2023.
Kitten 1: Female, brown torbi/white  Potentially Available
Kitten 2: Male Red classic tabby with white  Potentially Available
Kitten 3: Male Cream and white SOLD to D

Kitten 4: Female Brown tabby/white Available
Kitten 5: Male Brown tabby/white SOLD to A
Kitten 6: Male Brown tabby/white SOLD to  N
Broadsway Pearl and Averil's Muddy Waters welcomed 5 kittens on March 12th 2023.
Kitten 1: Female, silver torti/white Staying
Kitten 2: Female Silver tabby  staying
Kitten 3: Female silver tabby ON HOLD

Kitten 4: Female  Brown Torbi/white Sold to SP
Kitten 5: Male Brown tabby/white Sold to M
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